The Giant’s Causeway is a unique world heritage site that is also known as the Jewel in the Crown of the fabulous Antrim north coast. Transported by luxury tour to this wondrous World Heritage site you can marvel in the breath-taking environment which has been named in the Lonely Planet Guide as having: “Ireland’s most impressive and atmospheric landscape features.” Be awe-inspired with its unique features of hexagonal stone columns flowing from and into the sea. The spectacle itself has been ranked in world-wide importance alongside the famous Mount Everest and the Giant Redwoods of California. Walk in the footprints of the legendary Celtic hero, Finn MacCool, who along with volcanic movement, helped to fashion (it has been alleged) the now world famous basalt columns of granite and the stepping stones that enabled him to walk across the sea to Scotland to fight a neighbouring giant, Benandonner. The area is also a world-famous haven for many types of sea-birds.